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Zoner's Half-Life Tools. Ripent.exe is only a small part of ZHLT. The main tools are a set of improved compiling tools for new maps. If you are creating a new map, Zoner's is much superior to Valve's compile tools.

Worldcraft 3.3, an .fgd for TFC, and many other useful links

.fgd files for a 3rd party mod can usually be found at that mod's website.

Many websites exist for the purpose of informing mappers on editing techniques. Follow these links, and be enlightnened.
The Valve ERC
Karl Jones' Almanac


Q. What will this article allow me to do?
A. It will allow you to take a finished, published map and change how it behaves by editing the map's enities.

Q. Why would I do that?
A. If you run a server and you don't like how a particular map plays, you can change the rules. A common example is servers that run the Valve map Hunted. They may have the president using quad damage, a green team, snipers with grenades, and so on.

Q. So, what if I don't have access to a server?
A. Then there's not much you can do. Any changes you make to your copy of the map won't take effect unless you are hosting the game through a new internet game, LAN game, or a dedicated server. If you've edited a map and think it's better than the original, show it to your local neighborhood server admin. If he likes it, maybe he'll install it.

Q. What exactly can('t) I change?
A. You can't change the layout or shape of the map or any of it's parts. Any changes in architecture between the client and the server will produce a file consistency message and no one will be able to connect unless they have that version of the map.

You can change entites, though. Most anything that is not a stationary wall is an entity, including player spawn points, doors, buttons, and more. By changing the names, values, and locations of entities, you can create a completely different game on the same map. See page 2 of this article for more detailed information.

Q. Can't I de-compile the map and edit it that way?
A. Well, yes, but it's not such a good idea. When a compiled map is decompiled--using winBSPC, a program that can be found at the same link as Worldcraft above--things like textures and brushes get garbled. Setting it right can be a time-consuming process. Then, when you are done you have a whole new map. Note that players will have to download this map before they can play. Also, be sure it's OK with the map's original creator to de-compile his/her map (look in the readme file).

Q. OK. How can I do XYZ with this map?
A. It would be out of this turtorial's scope to explain every entity and mapping trick here. Nevertheless, I'd be happy to help you if you can't figure something out. Mail me at or visit The Planet Fortress Forums and shout out to me in the Editing Section. Be sure you are familiar with the entity editing process before you ask me any specific questions. I wrote this article so I wouldn't have to explain it over and over.

Q. Uh, this article isn't too clear. I have questions.
A. Mail me. I'll try to explain anything that you don't understand and update this tutorial as needed..

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